Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Rise of the Combiners - Full Checklist

I Received and email over the Easter break in regards to my Checklist asking if there was a published version of the checklist anywhere

The Rise of the Combiners page of Transformers dot Com has a list of cards featured in the release but these are broken up into columns based on rarity, i have compiled a checklist which gives you the The Rarity along with the card number and card name below,  hope this helps with building your own checklists/swap lists

C = Common - U=Uncommon - R=Rare - SR=Super Rare

Character Cards

RT T01 Acid Storm
CT T02 Air Raid
CT T03 Alpha Bravo
UT T04 Autobot HotRod
UT T05 Autobot Mirage
CT T06 Autobot Novastar
SRT T07 Autobot Springer
CT T08 Blackwing
SRT T09 Blitzwing
UT T10 Bluestreak
UT T11 Blurr
RT T12 Bombshell
CT T13 Breakdown
CT T14 Bumblebee
CT T15 Dead End
CT T16 Decepticon Drag Strip
RT T17 Decepticon Venin
RT T18 Dinobot Sludge
RT T19 Dinobot Slug
RT T20 Dinobot Snarl
RT T21 Dinobot Swoop
UT T22 Dirge
UT T23 Divebomb
CT T24 Dreadwind
CT T25 Fireflight
UT T26 Grapple
RT T27 Grimlock
UT T28 Ironhide
CT T29 Megatron
CT T30 Motormaster
CT T31 Offroad
UT T32 Optimus Prime
UT T33 Predacon Headstrong
UT T34 Predacon Rampage
UT T35 Prowl
UT T36 Razorclaw
CT T37 Rukus
CT T38 Silverbolt
CT T39 Skydive
RT T40 Skywarp
SRT T41 Starscream
UT T42 Sunstreaker
UT T43 Thrust
UT T44 Torox
RT T45 Warpath
SRT T46 Windblade

Battle Cards

U 001 Aerialbot Enigma
R 002 Aerialbot Formation
R 003 Ancient Wisdom
C 004 Armoured Plating
U 005 Attack Drone
U 006 Backup Beam
R 007 Bad Attitude
C 008 Bashing Shield
U 009 Bolt of Lightning
U 010 Bravery
R 011 Bumpers
R 012 Combat Commands
C 013 Confidence
C 014 Cooling Vents
U 015 Cornered
R 016 Crash Landing
R 017 Decepticon Crown
R 018 Defensive Driving
R 019 Dinobot Enigma
R 020 Electrified Spikes
U 021 Enemy Combat Analysis
R 022 Energized Field
C 023 Energon Slingshot
C 024 Enforcement Batons
C 025 Erratic Lightning
C 026 Escape Route
R 027 Espionage
U 028 Evasive Maneuvers
C 029 Field Communication
C 030 Field Repair
C 031 Fling
U 032 Focus Fire
R 033 Fog of War
C 034 Handheld Blaster
R 035 Heavy Handed
C 036 Improvised Shield
R 037 Inferno Breath
R 038 Intelligence Mission
R 039 Inverted
U 040 Leap of Faith
R 041 Marksmanship
R 042 Master Plan
R 043 Mining Pick
R 044 Mounted Missiles
U 045 Noble's Baster
U 046 Pep Talk
U 047 Power Punch
R 048 Predacon Enigma
R 049 Press The Advantage
C 050 Primary Laser
C 051 Rapid Conversion
U 052 Reckless Charge
R 053 Recon System
C 054 Rest and Relaxation
U 055 Scoundrel's Blaster
U 056 Scrounge
U 057 Secret Dealings
C 058 Security Console
R 059 Sentinel Enigma
U 060 Smelt
U 061 Sonic Scramble
C 062 Spare Parts
U 063 Sparring Gear
U 064 Stealthiness
R 065 Steamroll
U 066 Stunticon Enigma
R 067 Stunticon Swagger
U 068 Superior Cannon
U 069 Superior Jetpack
U 070 Superior Plating
C 071 Surprise Attack
C 072 Swindled
R 073 Tackle
C 074 Tech Research
C 075 Testify
R 076 Tooth and Claw
C 077 Unhanded Tactics
U 078 Universal Network Access
R 079 Unleash Potential
U 080 Vandalize
C 081 Vaporise

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