Saturday, December 5, 2015

Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mystery Minis


I managed to complete my first set of Funko mystery minis, the ninja turtles! Whilst I love the concept of the Mystery Minis when you get down to that last one or two needed in the set and not many places trade or sell "identified" minis. It is off to eBay and then it's the joy of finding them reasonable priced locally to avoid astronomical postage cost.... Anyway with the arrival of the last two I needed (Casey Jones and Donny) here is a look at my Turtle Mystery Minis

Friday, December 4, 2015

All Female Celebrity Challenge - Clipsal 500 2001

I Thought i would take a look back into some parts of my various collections, this time showing a Autograph Piece I Picked up During the 2001 Clipsal 500 down in Adelaide

There was a promotion event before the main race - The All Female Celebrity Challenge "featuring the Ford Laser SR2" where the participants were signing autographs throughout the event

Singing the Promo card:

Jill Johnson (Wife of Dick Johnson)
Angela Bishop (Channel Ten Presenter)
Penny Cooper (Radio Host)
Cheyne Coates (Singer - Madison Avenue)
Corinne Grant (Comedian)
Lenka Kripac (Singer)
Jane Reilly (Channel Ten Presenter)
Rachael Sporn (Olympian - Basketball)
Tania Zaetta (Actress)

the other participants in the race that i was unable to track down on the day were:

Natalie Lowndes (wife of Craig Lowndes)
Lisa Edwards (Singer)
Dawn Fraser (Olympian - Swimmer)
Tatiana Grigorieva (Olympian - Pole Vault)
Marie Wilson (Singer)

To this day i still cant remember who actually won the race..............

Thanks for Looking

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Minions Mega Bloks Build-A-Minion Series 4

Today i was out and about looking for a $20 Jetfire Deal at the reject shop when i came across a box of Series 4 MegaBloks Minions Blind Bags, i had no idea these were coming and was surprised to see them, can not find any information about them online either, so here is my findings i will add the codes as well.

so after searching a couple of local stores i managed to track down the 12 Figures from the series