Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spotlight: Transformer Collection - Danglers

Decorations for your Phone....

Part of the Blockbuster Movie Merchandise Machine for the 2007 Movie these little "Danglers" appeared at K-mart Vending Machines, whilst not blind packaging like some of the other trading figures of the past you had no control over what dangler the machine spat out after it ate your $2 coin.

these are kinda cool totally worth the price you pay for them with a squishy rubber outer shell these little figures hide the plastic vehicle mode of the transformer character, give them a squeeze and out it comes... now why you would want to have them attached to you phone....

Pretty Simple. but then pretty cool at the same time. there is only 8 of them.

Spotlight: Transformer Collection - Worlds Smallest

Mini Me Transformers

2003 was a big year for trading figures to come out of Japan, and The Worlds Smallest Transformers was the next to hit the market. Once Again these were Blind Packed Trading Figures, 3 series well technically 2.5 in total with an assortment of basic or common figures and the chase figures.. and just like the myclones i am missing a few of those pesky chase figure..

Wave 1: Convoy, Convoy Trailer (chase), Lambor, Starscream, Bumble, Soundwave, Red bumble (chase) & Skywarp (chase)

Wave 2: Anime Convoy, Megatron, Meister, Prowl, Alert, Thrust, Ultra Magnus (chase) & Streak (chase)

Wave 2.5: (Store Excl.): Anime Convoy, Anime Convoy Trailer (chase), Hot Rodimus, Meister, Soundwave, Starscream, Megatron, Thundercracker (chase)

As you see wave 2.5 was mostly repacks of already released figures so i never doubled up on them, the two chase figures and Hot Rodimus were the only new additions. however the chase figures are still elusive.

And before you wonder, no i didn't reuses the case to take the class photo i do have a couple of those for various displays.

Bodycount: 13 Worlds Smallest Transformers

Spotlight: Transformer Collection - Myclones

Super Deformed Transformery.
Back in 2003 those wonderful people at Takara released a couple of Transformer items under the Myclone brand, Super deformed poseable plastic figures which stand about 6cm high. AS-3 (Transformers Series 1) saw a January release with AS-4 (Transformers Series 2) released in March & AS-5 (Transformers Series 3) in July. That is all we saw of these little guys.

Each Series was Blind Packed, like trading cards, you don't know what you got until you opened it up, which is fun.. yet annoying at the same time. all three series came with 6 basic figures to collect with 2 harder to find chase figures mixed in. ( i am still unable to get my hands on the six various chase figures)

In the Class Photo Above we have:

Front Row: Series 1 - Convoy Trailer Mode, Convoy Ultra Magnus, arcee, Starscream and Megatron.

Middle Row: Series 2 - Rodimus Convoy, Bumble Grimlock, Wreck-Gar, Soundwave and Galvatron.

Back Row: Series 3 - Dinosaurer, Thrust, Ramjet, Lambor, Meister and Metroplex.

The Display case is also a novel piece in itself, i imported this from singapore since it is designed for the purpose of displying these little trading figures, gives the set a little beat of neatness and protection from that nasty dust.

Missing of course is the six chase figures, Series 1 -Convoy w/ Battle axe & Megatron w/ Mace. Series 2 -Thundercracker & Lava Galvatron. Series 3 - Alert & Dirge.

So anyone out there manages to see any or has some of the chase figures for sale drop me a line.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Spotlight: Marvel Superhero Squad

An Army of Cute Thingies.....

As mentioned somewhere around here, Transformers is perhaps my Core Collecting Obsession, but there are other items held within these walls, most notably from the Comic world, and then that is definitely a one sided affair, being a Marvel reader and all.

Marvel's Superhero Squad is one of those things that appeals to me in all its cuteness and quirkiness. These were basically a spin of of Hasbro's other cutey line of Star wars Figures Galactic Heroes (other lines such as Transformers: Robot Heroes and Indiana Jones: Adventure Heroes has since spawned)

The marvel guys have even got themselves a little club house to keep them safe from the super cute sentinel and world devouring Galactus.. although would take much to fill up Galactus. These guys have been broken up into the various movies that have been Released, Spider-man, Iron Man, Hulk But there is also a good selection of the rest of the Marvel U. Avengers, Xmen Fantastic 4 and there is more (lots more) to still come out in stores.

How Super is your squad??? Mine is currently 82 strong.

Click for a bigger pic!