Friday, February 24, 2012

Acquisition - G1 - 1986 - Pipes

Who: Minibot Pipes

Where: OTCA Member canofwhoopass_87
When: 23 February 2012
How Much: $--.--


Pipes was one of the first transformer minibots i ever got as a child the 1984-85 bots i didnt get until much later.
And the one currently in my possesion has had a hard life has a broken wheel and lots of chrome wear.. Pipes was also not a high priority on my "replacement" list so when this one came up for offer in a fellow collectors sales it was a simple grab (or purchase rather) 

This Pipes has fared much better then the one currently in my collection with some chrome wear at the top of one of his stacks.!

Box Art and Techspec with thanks to Botchthecrab


  1. Pipes sure is in a smicko condition dude, not all too different from my own but mine has started to get a little loose at the hinge assembly that folds his cab over; regardless, I still prefer him over Huffer as Pipes has the superior dimensions IMO and a cooler colour scheme! :D

    1. Hursty i too always prefered Pipes over Huffer.. and when i ws little i would always have Pipes in my pocket whenever i went out...

      he is a great underated little minibot... i want to see him get some comic love!!!