Below is a list of figures I am after for the various Transformer toys i have missed over the years.
This list is more for me to keep track of what I want/Need but if you have any of them that needs a new home or spot them in your travels drop me a line.

Last Updated: Jan 23 2018


Cliffjumper (Yellow)



Transformers: Prime - First Edition

Deluxe Starscream (Wave 1)
Deluxe Terrorcon Cliffjumper (Wave  3)
Voyager Optimus Prime (Wave 1)

Transformers: Prime

Commander Ultra Magnus (Wave 3)
Commander Nightwatch Optimus Prime (Wave 3)
Commander Battle Tactics Bulkhead (Wave 4)
Commander Skyquake (Wave 4)
Vehicle Optimus Maximus (Wave 1)
Vehicle Bumblebee Battle Suit (Wave  2)
Voyager Bulkhead V2 (Wave 2)
Voyager Dreadwing (Wave 3)
Voyager Thundertron (Wave  4)
Voyager Ultra Magnus (Wave  4)
Voyager Skyquake (Wave  5)

Dark Energon Voyager Optimus Prime
Dark Energon Voyager Megatron

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters

Commander Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Commander Starscream (Wave 3)
Commander Optimus Prime (Wave 4)
Vehicle Sky Claw w/ Smokescreen (Wave 1)
Vehicle Apex Armor w/ Breakdown (Wave 1)
Deluxe Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Deluxe Soundwave & Ravage (Wave 1)
Deluxe Lazerback (Wave 1)
Deluxe Wheeljack (Wave 1)
Deluxe Starscream (Wave 2)
Deluxe Ripclaw (Wave 2)
Deluxe Bulkhead (Wave 2)
Deluxe Smokescreen (Wave 2)
Deluxe Skystalker (Wave 3)
Deluxe Ratchet (Wave 3)
Deluxe Knock Out (Wave 4)
Deluxe Vertebreak (Wave 4)
Deluxe Prowl (Wave 5)
Deluxe Stealth Bumblebee (Wave 5)
Voyager Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Voyager Predaking (Wave 1)
Voyager Grimwing (Wave 3)
Voyager Ultra Magnus (Wave 3)
Ultimate Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Ultimate Predaking (Wave 1)

Fall Of Cybertron

Legion -Eject and Ramhorn 2-Pack
Legion - Autobot Rewind and Sunder 2-Pack

Voyager - Autobot Blaster

Thrilling 30

Legends Class Optimus Prime & Autobot Roller Figures
Legends Class Bumblebee and Flight pack
Legends Class Megatron and Chop Shop Figures
Legends Class Starscream and Waspinator Figures
Legends Class Gears and Eclipse
Legends Class Nemesis Prime and Spinister
Legends Class Cliffjumper & Suppressor

Deluxe Class Hoist (Wave 6)
Deluxe Class Skids (Wave 7)
Deluxe Class  Crosscut (Wave 9)
Deluxe Class  Jhiaxus (Wave 10)

Voyager Class Blitzwing (Wave 3)
Voyager Class Sandstorm (Wave 4)
Voyager Class Sky-Byte

Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Deluxe Crosshairs (Wave 1)
Deluxe Dinobot Slug (Wave 1)
Deluxe Dinobot Scorn (Wave 1)
Deluxe Drift (Wave 2)
Deluxe Bumblebee (2014 Camaro) (Wave 3)
Deluxe Hot Shot (Wave 3)

Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Voyager Dinobot Grimlock (Wave 1)
Voyager Hound (Wave 2)
Voyager Galvatron (Wave 2)

Leader Grimlock (Wave 1)
Leader Optimus Prime (Wave 1)

Legends Class
Huffer (Wave 2)
Decepticon Viper (Wave 3)

Deluxe Class

Leader Class
Ultra Magnus (Wave 3)


Titan Masters

Ramhorn (Wave 5)

Legends Class

Autobot Stripes (Wave 7)

Rumble (Wave 8)

Laserbeak (Wave 8)
Ravage (Wave 8)
Roadburn (Wave 4)
Cosmos (Wave 5)
Seaspray (Wave 5)

Deluxe Class
Quake w/ Chasm (Wave 4)
Twin Twist w/  Flameout (Wave 5)
Windblade w/  Scorchfire (Wave 5)
Slugslinger w/  Caliburst (Wave 6)

Voyager Class
Galvatron w/ Nucleon (Wave 1)
Sentinel Prime w/ Infinitus (Wave 1)
Alpha Trion w/ Sovereign (Wave 2)
Megatron w/ Doomshot (Wave 3) 
Optimus Prime w/ Diac (Wave 3) 
Octone w/ Murk (Wave 5) 
Blitzwing w/ Hazard (Wave 5) 

Leader Class
Apex & Powermaster Optimus Prime w/  (Wave 1)
Soundwave w/ Soundblaster (Wave 2)
Sky Shadow w/ Ominus (Wave 4)
Overlord w/ Dreadnaut (Wave 5) 

Box Set 1
Box set 2

(2018 -)

Prime Masters

Liege Maximo w/ Skullgrin (Wave 1) Micronus w/ Cloudburst (Wave 1)Vector Prime w/ Metalhawk (Wave 1)
Alpha Trion w/ Landmine (Wave 2)
Quintus Prime w/ Bludgeon (Wave 3)
Solus Prime w/ Octopunch (Wave 3)

Alchemist Prime w/ Submarauder (Wave 2)
Megatronus w/ Bomb-Burst (Wave 3)

Legends Class
Beachcomber (Wave 1)
Dinobot Slash (Wave 1)
Skrapnel (Wave 1)
Windcharger (Wave 1)

Battleslash (Wave 2)
Roadtrap (Wave 2)
Autobot Tailgate (Wave 2)

Autobot Outback (Wave 3)
Cindersaur (Wave 3)

Deluxe Class
Autobot Jazz (Wave 1)
Dinobot Slug (Wave 1)
Dinobot Swoop (Wave 1)
Dreadwind (Wave 1)

Blackwing (Wave 2)
Dinobot Sludge (Wave 2)
Dinobot Snarl (Wave 2)
Autobot Moonracer (Wave 2)
Terrorcon Rippersnapper (Wave 2)

Terrorcon Blot (Wave 3)
Terrorcon Cutthroat (Wave 3)
Terrorcon Sinnertwin (Wave 3)

Autobot Novastar (Wave 4)

Voyager Class
Dinobot Grimlock (Wave 1)
Starscream (Wave 1)

Elita-1 (Wave 2)
Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr (Wave 2)

Inferno (Wave 3)

Leader Class
Evolution Rodimus Prime (w/ Autobot Hot Rod) (Wave 1)
Evolution Optimus Prime (w/ Orion Pax) (Wave 1)

Evolution Rodimus Unicronus (w/ Nemesis Hot Rod) (Wave 2)

Evolution Optimus Primal (Wave 3)


  1. Hi found your blog and was wandering if you could help me. I did a house clearance and found some old boxed transformers and want to sell them. I have a few shockwave cold cast pirecelain bust. Limited edition 491/500. Optimus prime 1985-2005 20th anniversary. Commemorative edition soundwave. I can send pics if you want. Also found somestarwars
    Stuff . All boxed an unopened.


    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Hi, I didn't think S2 of Mega Bloks Minions were released in Australia. We have all S1 and S3 - where did you get S2 please?