Below is a list of figures I am after for the various Transformer toys i have missed over the years.
This list is more for me to keep track of what I want/Need but if you have any of them that needs a new home or spot them in your travels drop me a line.

Last Updated: Dec 03 2021


Cliffjumper (Yellow)



Transformers: Prime - First Edition

Deluxe Starscream (Wave 1)
Deluxe Terrorcon Cliffjumper (Wave  3)
Voyager Optimus Prime (Wave 1)

Transformers: Prime

Commander Ultra Magnus (Wave 3)
Commander Nightwatch Optimus Prime (Wave 3)
Commander Battle Tactics Bulkhead (Wave 4)
Commander Skyquake (Wave 4)
Vehicle Optimus Maximus (Wave 1)
Vehicle Bumblebee Battle Suit (Wave  2)
Voyager Bulkhead V2 (Wave 2)
Voyager Dreadwing (Wave 3)
Voyager Thundertron (Wave  4)
Voyager Ultra Magnus (Wave  4)
Voyager Skyquake (Wave  5)

Dark Energon Voyager Optimus Prime
Dark Energon Voyager Megatron

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters

Commander Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Commander Starscream (Wave 3)
Commander Optimus Prime (Wave 4)
Vehicle Sky Claw w/ Smokescreen (Wave 1)
Vehicle Apex Armor w/ Breakdown (Wave 1)
Deluxe Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Deluxe Soundwave & Ravage (Wave 1)
Deluxe Lazerback (Wave 1)
Deluxe Wheeljack (Wave 1)
Deluxe Starscream (Wave 2)
Deluxe Ripclaw (Wave 2)
Deluxe Bulkhead (Wave 2)
Deluxe Smokescreen (Wave 2)
Deluxe Skystalker (Wave 3)
Deluxe Ratchet (Wave 3)
Deluxe Knock Out (Wave 4)
Deluxe Vertebreak (Wave 4)
Deluxe Prowl (Wave 5)
Deluxe Stealth Bumblebee (Wave 5)
Voyager Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Voyager Predaking (Wave 1)
Voyager Grimwing (Wave 3)
Voyager Ultra Magnus (Wave 3)
Ultimate Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Ultimate Predaking (Wave 1)

Fall Of Cybertron

Legion -Eject and Ramhorn 2-Pack
Legion - Autobot Rewind and Sunder 2-Pack

Voyager - Autobot Blaster

Thrilling 30

Legends Class Optimus Prime & Autobot Roller Figures
Legends Class Bumblebee and Flight pack
Legends Class Megatron and Chop Shop Figures
Legends Class Starscream and Waspinator Figures
Legends Class Gears and Eclipse
Legends Class Nemesis Prime and Spinister
Legends Class Cliffjumper & Suppressor

Deluxe Class Hoist (Wave 6)
Deluxe Class Skids (Wave 7)
Deluxe Class  Crosscut (Wave 9)
Deluxe Class  Jhiaxus (Wave 10)

Voyager Class Blitzwing (Wave 3)
Voyager Class Sandstorm (Wave 4)
Voyager Class Sky-Byte

Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee (Wave 1)
Deluxe Crosshairs (Wave 1)
Deluxe Dinobot Slug (Wave 1)
Deluxe Dinobot Scorn (Wave 1)
Deluxe Drift (Wave 2)
Deluxe Bumblebee (2014 Camaro) (Wave 3)
Deluxe Hot Shot (Wave 3)

Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Voyager Dinobot Grimlock (Wave 1)
Voyager Hound (Wave 2)
Voyager Galvatron (Wave 2)

Leader Grimlock (Wave 1)
Leader Optimus Prime (Wave 1)

Legends Class
Huffer (Wave 2)
Decepticon Viper (Wave 3)

Deluxe Class

Leader Class
Ultra Magnus (Wave 3)


Legends Class
Autobot Stripes (Wave 7)
Rumble (Wave 8)
Ravage (Wave 8)
Roadburn (Wave 4)

Deluxe Class
Twin Twist w/  Flameout (Wave 5)
Windblade w/  Scorchfire (Wave 5)

Voyager Class
Galvatron w/ Nucleon (Wave 1)
Sentinel Prime w/ Infinitus (Wave 1)
Alpha Trion w/ Sovereign (Wave 2)
Megatron w/ Doomshot (Wave 3) 
Optimus Prime w/ Diac (Wave 3) 

Leader Class
Overlord w/ Dreadnaut (Wave 5) 

Box Set 1
Box set 2

(2018 -)

Legends Class
Beachcomber (Wave 1)

Skrapnel (Wave 1)
Cindersaur (Wave 3)

Deluxe Class
Autobot Jazz (Wave 1)
Autobot Moonracer (Wave 2)
Terrorcon Rippersnapper (Wave 2)

Terrorcon Blot (Wave 3)
Terrorcon Cutthroat (Wave 3)
Terrorcon Sinnertwin (Wave 3)

Autobot Novastar (Wave 4)

Voyager Class
Dinobot Grimlock (Wave 1)
Starscream (Wave 1)

Elita-1 (Wave 2)
Terrorcon Hun-Gurrr (Wave 2)

Inferno (Wave 3)

Leader Class
Evolution Rodimus Unicronus (w/ Nemesis Hot Rod) (Wave 2)

Battle Masters
WFC-S1 Firedrive (Wave 1)
WFC-S2 Lionizer (Wave 1)
WFC-S3 Blowpipe (Wave 1)
WFC-S16 Pteraxadon (Wave 2)
WFC-S17 Aimless (Wave 2)
WFC-S30 Caliburst (Wave 3)
WFC-S31 Smashdown (Wave 3)
WFC-S44 Singe (Wave 4)
WFC-S45 Rung (Wave 4)

WFC-S4 Roadhandler & Swindler (Race Car Patrol) (Wave 1)
WFC-S5 Storm Cloud & Visper (Air Strike Patrol) (Wave 1)
WFC-S6 Autobot Topshot & Flak (Battle Patrol) (Wave 1)
WFC-S18 Laserbeak & Ravage (Soundwave Spy Patrol) (Wave 2)
WFC-S19 Red Heat & Stakeout (Rescue Patrol) (Wave 2)
WFC-S32 Decepticon Blackjack & Hyperdrive (Sports Car Patrol) (Wave 3)
WFC-S33 Autobot Powertrain & Highjump (Off Road Patrol) (Wave 4)
WFC-S46 Decepticon Rumble & Ratbat (Soundwave Spy Patrol 2nd Unit) (Wave 5)
WFC-S47 Direct-Hit & Power Punch (Battle Squad)

Deluxe Class
WFC-S7 Sideswipe (Wave 1)
WFC-S8 Cog (Weaponizer) (Wave 1)
WFC-S9 Autobot Hound (Wave 1)
WFC-S10 Skytread (Wave 1)
WFC-S20 Chromia (Wave 2)
WFC-S21 Ironhide (Wave 2)
WFC-S22 Autobot Sixgun (Weaponizer) (Wave 2)
WFC-S23 Prowl (Wave 2)
WFC-S35 Red Alert (Wave 3)
WFC-S36 Refraktor (Wave 3)
WFC-S37 Brunt (Weaponizer) (Wave 3)
WFC-S41 Barricade (Wave 4)
WFC-S42 Autobot Impactor (Wave 4)
WFC-S43 Autobot Mirage (Wave 4)
WFC-S48 Spinister (Wave 5)
WFC-S49 Crosshairs (Wave 5)

Voyager Class
WFC-S11 Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
WFC-S12 Megatron (Wave 1)
WFC-S24 Starscream (Wave 2)
WFC-S25 Soundwave (Wave 2)
WFC-S38 Autobot Springer (Wave 3)
WFC-S39 Thundercracker (Wave 4)
WFC-S50 Apeface (Wave 5)

Leader Class
WFC-S13 Ultra Magnus (Wave 1)
WFC-S14 Decepticon Shockwave (Wave 1)
WFC-S40 Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime (Wave 2)
WFC-S51 Astrotrain (Wave 3)

Commander Class
WFC-S28 Jetfire

Titan Class
WFC-S29 Omega Supreme (w/ Autobot Countdown)

WFC-S15 Autobot Greenlight & Dazzlestrike
WFC-S26 Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce
     Covert Clone Sideswipe
WFC-S27 Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron
     Decepticon Fracas
Fan Vote Battle 3-Pack
     WFC-S55 Holo Mirage
     WFC-S56 Powerdasher Aragon
     WFC-S57 Decepticon Impactor
Seekers 3-Pack
     WFC-S52 Seeker Acid Storm
     WFC-S53 Seeker Ion Storm
     WFC-S54 Seeker Nova Storm
Autobots vs. Decepticons (Micromaster 10-pack)
     WFC-S58 Road-Police & Wheel Blaze
     WFC-S59 Ground Shaker & Overair
     WFC-S60 Ricon & Irontread
     WFC-S61 Nightflight & Slyhopper
     WFC-S62 Cratermaker & Fireline
     WFC-S34 Autobot Ratchet
     WFC-S63 Soundblaster
     WFC-S64 Bluestreak
     WFC-S65 Classic Animation Optimus Prime
     WFC-S66 Classic Animation Megatron
Refraktor Reconnaissance Team 3-Pack

WFC-GS01 Combat Megatron
WFC-GS02 Decepticon Red Wing
WFC-GS03 Galactic Man Shockwave
WFC-GS04 Powerdasher Cromar
WFC-GS05 Autobot Lancer
WFC-GS06 Smokescreen
WFC-GS07 Nightbird
WFC-GS08 Powerdasher Zetar
WFC-GS09 Hot Shot

Battle Masters
WFC-E1 Soundbarrier (Wave 1)
WFC-E2 Smashdown (Wave 1)
WFC-E13 Slitherfang (Wave 2)
WFC-E14 Rung (Wave 2)
WFC-E39 Decepticon Doublecrosser (Wave 3)

Wave 1
WFC-E3 Trip-Up & Autobot Daddy-O (Hot Rod Patrol) (Wave 1)
WFC-E4 Bombshock & Decepticon Growl (Military Patrol) (Wave 1)
WFC-E15 Roller Force & Decepticon Ground Hog (Race Track Patrol) (Wave 2)
WFC-E16 Fuzer & Autobot Blast Master (Astro Squad) (Wave 2)
WFC-E40 Direct-Hit & Power Punch (Battle Squad) (Wave 3) 

Deluxe Class
WFC-E5 Hoist (Wave 1)
WFC-E6 Wheeljack (Wave 1)
WFC-E7 Cliffjumper (Wave 1)
WFC-E8 Ironworks (Modulator) (Wave 1)
WFC-E17 Arcee (Wave 2)
WFC-E18 Decepticon Airwave (Modulator) (Wave 2)
WFC-E19 Quintesson Allicon (Wave 2)

WFC-E20 Smokescreen (Wave 2)
WFC-E34 Trailbreaker (Wave 3)
WFC-E35 Fasttrack (Weaponizer) (Wave 3)
WFC-E36 Sunstreaker (Wave 3)
WFC-E37 Runamuck (Wave 3)

Voyager Class
WFC-E9 Starscream (Wave 1)
WFC-E10 Autobot Grapple (Wave 1)
WFC-E21 Snapdragon (w/ Decepticon Krunk) (Wave 2)
WFC-E22 Quintesson Judge (Wave 3)
WFC-E38 Megatron (Wave 3)
WFC-E26 Thrust

Leader Class
Wave 1
WFC-E11 Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
WFC-E12 Astrotrain (unchanged re-release of Siege Astrotrain) (Wave 1)
WFC-E23 Doubledealer (Wave 2)

Commander Class
WFC-E24 Sky Lynx

Titan Class
WFC-E25 Scorponok (w/ Lord Zarak)

WFC-E29 Cybertronian Villains (Team: Seeker Elite)
WFC-E30 Cybertronian Villains
     Decepticon Pounce
Alternate Universe Optimus Prime
WFC-E27 Seeker Elite
WFC-E31 Autobot Alliance

WFC-GS10 Soundwave Spy Patrol 3rd Unit (Decepticon Wingthing, Decepticon Frenzy, Decepticon Skar & Autobot/Decepticon Knok)
WFC-GS11 Decepticon Exhaust
WFC-GS12 Greasepit
WFC-GS13 Hubcap
WFC-GS18 Autobot Tigertrack
WFC-GS19 Rotorstorm

Deluxe Class
Autobot Chromia (Wave 1)
Autobot Hound (Wave 1)
Decepticon Mirage (Wave 1)
Decepticon Scrapface (Wave 1)
Autobot Sideswipe (Wave 1)
Autobot Elita-1 (Wave 2)
Autobot Wheeljack (Wave 2)
Autobot Red Alert (Wave 2)
Autobot Impactor (Wave 2)
Autobot Bumblebee (Wave 2)
Cheetor (Wave 3) 
Deep Cover (Wave 3) 

Deseeus Army Drone (Wave 3) 
Sparkless Bot
 (Wave 3) 

Voyager Class
Decepticon Hotlink (w/ Heatstroke and Heartburn) (Wave 1)
Decepticon Megatron (w/ Captive Lionizer and Captive Pinpointer) (Wave 1)
Autobot Optimus Prime (w/ Enerax and Sheeldron) (Wave 2)
Decepticon Soundwave (w/ Ravage and Laserbeak) (Wave 2)
Optimus Primal (w/ Rattrap) (Wave 3) 
Sparkless Seeker (w/ Sparkless Caliburst and Sparkless Singe) (Wave 3) 

Leader Class
Ultra Magnus Spoiler Pack (w/ Battlefield Rung) (Wave 1)
Nemesis Prime Spoiler Pack (w/ Fangtron and Giza) (Wave 2)
Megatron Spoiler Pack (w/ Fossilizer Skelivore) (Wave 3) 


Core Class
Optimus Prime (Wave 1)
Rattrap (Wave 1)
Vertebreak (Wave 1)
Starscream (Wave 2)
Megatron (Wave 2)
Soundwave (Wave 3)
 (Wave 3)

Deluxe Class
Cheetor (Wave 1)
Blackarachnia (Wave 1)
Warpath (Wave 1)
Paleotrex (Fossilizer) (Wave 1)
Airazor (Wave 2)
Ractonite (Fossilizer) (Wave 2) 
Huffer (Wave 2)
Arcee (Re-release of Earthrise Arcee) (Wave 2)
Predacon Scorponok (Wave 3)
Wheeljack (re-release of Earthrise Wheeljack) (Wave 3)
Wingfinger (Wave 3)
Autobot Tracks (Wave 3)
Shadow Panther (Wave 4)
 (Wave 4)
Autobot Pipes (Wave 4)
Autobot Slammer
 (Wave 4)

Voyager Class
Optimus Primal (Wave 1)
Cyclonus (Wave 1)
Dinobot (Wave 2) 
Inferno (Wave 2) 
Rhinox (Wave 3)
Tigatron (Wave 4)
Blaster & Eject (Wave 5)

Leader Class
Megatron (Beast) (Wave 1)
Optimus Prime (Re-release of Earthrise Optimus Prime) (Wave 1)
Ultra Magnus (Wave 2) 
Galvatron (Wave 3)

Commander Class
Rodimus Prime (Wave 1)

Titan Class
The Ark (Wave 1) 

Maximal T-Wrecks
Autobot Road Rage
Red Alert
Tricranius Beast Power Fire Blasts Collection pack
Autobot Mirage & Maximal Grimlock
Sideswipe & Maximal Skywarp

Golden Disk Collection
Chapter 1: Through the Vortex
    Autobot Puffer
      Autobot Road Ranger
      Chapter 2: …And Out the Other Side
        Autobot Jackpot
          Autobot Sights
          Chapter 3: Enter the Mutant Warrior
            Mutant Tigatron
            Chapter 4: The Terrorfying Conclusion

              Generations Selects
              Artfire & Nightstick

              SS 86 - The Transformers: The Movie
              Deluxe Class
              86-01 Autobot Jazz
              86-02 Kup
              86-03 Blurr
              86-08 Gnaw 
              86-11 Perceptor

              Voyager Class
              86-04 Autobot Hot Rod
              86-05 Scourge
              86-09 Wreck-Gar
              86-10 Decepticon Sweep 

              Leader Class
              86-06 Grimlock & Autobot Wheelie
              86-07 Dinobot Slug & Daniel Witwicky 
              86-12 Coronation Starscream 


              1. Hi found your blog and was wandering if you could help me. I did a house clearance and found some old boxed transformers and want to sell them. I have a few shockwave cold cast pirecelain bust. Limited edition 491/500. Optimus prime 1985-2005 20th anniversary. Commemorative edition soundwave. I can send pics if you want. Also found somestarwars
                Stuff . All boxed an unopened.


                Any advice would be appreciated.

              2. Hi, I didn't think S2 of Mega Bloks Minions were released in Australia. We have all S1 and S3 - where did you get S2 please?