Monday, July 16, 2012

Collection Showcase Update #1

Do you know what, sorting, transforming and setting up Transformers is not an easy task, first i had to sort through boxes of accessories and figures and then find away for them to fit on the shelves... it is quite tiring

but after a couple of days i have made a pretty good start.

As you can see I'm am sort of up to the 1986 Autobots there was some big bulky bots in this year and i don't know if i will fit Ultra Magnus #2 and Sky Lynx #2 on the one shelf.

1984 Autobots
My Favorite year someday i will find a second Wheeljack and Bluestreak (that isn't anime coloured or chrome which i have already) and that will pretty much be 2 of all 1984 bots

1984 + 1985 Decepticons
I Still Need to get some of the weapons and Accessories out for some of these and it is a shame when i pulled Shockwave out his hose is all cracked..

1985 Autobots
i was saddened a little when i pulled out Jetfire #1 + #2  and Red Alert they had started to yellow a little bit. This shelf also needs reorganising as they look to bunched and i still don't have all my Dinobots out yet. i must chase down a second swoop too..

1986 Decepticons
 More that need parts and accessories my Octane also shows signs of yellowing also a lot of Predacons there. but there really is a small year for the Decepticons.

City Bots
The mighty mighty Fortress Maximus towers above all others. More bots that need Accessorising

More to come sooner or later..

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