Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Box of Funko Frozen Mystery Minis

So I decided to grab a full store display box of Frozen Mystery Minis over the weekend just gone, since the set is large enough and with a couple of shorter odds figures already on the shelf I thought my chances were good to getting a few more.. Let have a look how I went..

The Results

I expected a couple of doubles with the 1/12 figures I already had but I was pretty disappointed to find that I got the exact same 3 "rarer" figures I already owned one was even a 1/72 i thought i would of at least got one or two newer figures

Elsa 1/24

LittleAnna 1/24

Troll 1/72

So now my little checklist look like this only 5 remain, 5 of the higher odds figures, plus i have a heap of duplicates 

so these are the doubles i have... anybody wanna traaaade!???

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