Monday, June 18, 2012

iGear MW-02 Rager

I stumbled across this guy for a pretty good price (cheap) on eBay and picked it up, it is a nice version of G1 Huffer in the current trend of Third Party Transformers

Rager Came Packaged in a nice little box and came with a Bio card made out of plastic. a nice touch i thought, also inclued are two hannd guns for the little guy.

Straight out of the box this is how the Rager looks

Vehicle Mode

Bot Mode

There is a good range of posability on the figure too

Over all Rager is a nice little version of Huffer but he is a little bland looking, so this is where the good folk at Reprolables come in


Alt Mode

Bot Mode

 It is amazing what just a few little coloured stickers can do to a figure, making Rager look more like his 1984 toy anccestor and some shiney chrome stickers for his smokestacks it really brings Huffer to life

Once again Reprolables brings some additional touches to a figure that had alot of blue.

and makes picking up iGear Rager more worth while.. in my opinion anyway.

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