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Palisades Transformers Statues

Between the years 2003 - 2006 Palisades Toys released 22 statues, below is a look at the 11 I picked up for my own collection before I stopped buying them.

As time goes on and space dries up we must choose what to display and what not to display, as I sort through what seems endless boxes of transformers these guys have not seen daylight in quite some time.

Now to be fair these I picked up in a time where there wasn't a lot of transformers statues around there was Hard Hero and these guys, and at that time in my life I was pretty much grabbing everything transformers related. the more I looked at these the more I didn't really like the "aesthetic", but they did get better with later releases such as shockwave (I had stopped buying palisades statues at that point)

So lets have a closer Look

Optimus Prime (14")
Released 2003
A Big Heavy statue, Optimus is one of those statues I just didn't like a lot, heavily inspired by Dreamwave's Pat Lee Prime he has some nice detailing such as battle scarring and wear. but those wheels on the hips look so out of place i always felt this statue missed the mark a little.

Optimus Prime (6")

Released 2003

Just like the 14 inch Statue this prime is almost identical with maybe the head at a different angle, a real Mini Me, it didn't make me like it any more.

 Ultra Magnus (Core)
Released 2004

The good ol' lets repaint Optimus and call it Ultra Magnus Trick really didn't improve the statue any, this was an The Official Transformers Collectors Convention 2003 Exclusive Statue which really means nothing

Released 2004
This was modeled of a piece of art Dreamwave created its not a bad statue really as we had been starved of the fembot for well forever, this statue also received the repaint treatment as a Paradron Medic (which I do not own and did not see a point in owning!!)

Released 2004
This is the forst time I have seen something produced in the alt mode, and I remember at the time how odd it was and how I would of rather wanted a Grimlock in robot statue instead, but this guy is a pretty nice statue, Grimlock on the attack with Decepticons crushed under his feet

Megatron (14")
Released 2004

Another Heavy Statue, and somewhat bulky one, also fragile if you wouldn't believe it... this one I am the most disappointed in probably since I was annoyed with it from the beginning, after opening up when I got home he was broken, his gun muzzle on his back had broken off in transportation. this annoyed me greatly as I had inspected it at the shop I purchased it at prior to bringing it home. not so bad I thought easily fixable as it was a clean break, then as I was assembling Megatron I noticed he had a large chip on his forearm where his Fusion Cannon plugs in... Did that also happen in the shop?? so I was so annoyed as these were not cheap statues. Anyway, Megs has a lot of Battle Scarring on his statue almost to the point of overboard, there is something about the pose as well and maybe the massive fusion cannon which is just off putting on this guy

Released 2005

This was a somewhat innovative statue, whist you had to assemble him as he came in pieces and this gave you some posability to the statue at the shoulders, waist and the head. this worked particularly well if you picked up the slew of repaints (Skywarp, Thundercracker, Sunstorm and Ghost SS) a seeker usually brings which gave you the effect that not one looked the same. over all he is a nice statue and the hovering mode is a nice addition to the statue.

Released 2004

This is another good statue in the line not just because it is Soundwave, he has that commanding the minions pose and looks pretty good from all angles, the down fall with him is if you display him as is (without Laserbeak) the holes on his arms are noticeable and does look like he is missing something, (see further down for Soundwave with the buzzard attached)

Something is Missing.....

Released 2006

A Previews Exclusive Item this little guy (and he is Little) is packed full of detail and it is a nice representation of Ravage that is to scale to the rest of the 6 inch statue line and really it wouldn't look out of place sitting among the rest of the transformer sand not just a statue for display.


Released 2005

I found this statue confusing as it was another exclusive (Action Figure Xpress) like ravage yet it was designed to connect to Soundwave, why didn't Soundwave just come with the little buzzard to begin with. but then its production numbers are far less then what Soundwave was as well so there would be a lot of Soundwave's out here with two holes in his arm that look odd. looks much better attached to Soundwave

Soundwave w/ Laserbeak
See Laserbeak and Soundwave look much better paired together as the one display unit, it baffles me why Laserbeak was an exclusive.

Released 2006
This is probably my favourite of the 11 states I own, he is large some nice detail and well it is Devastator. Some of the detailing is pretty good dirty rusty treads and he just has an impressive presence on a shelf or in a cabinet when he manages to get on display.

So There you have it that is an up close look at what is my Palisades Collection hope you enjoyed it.

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