Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mega Bloks Despicable Me

So these sets Finally Hit Stores here in Australia so as i pick up one or two at a time i will update this post accordingly!! but they are cool i will say that!

 Mystery Minions Series 1
I am always a big fan (Sucker) for blind boxes the surprise, hoping to hit that rare figure. but these have codes like the early days of the Lego Minifigures. They have a small number on the bottom of the box.. still didn't help me, as i doubled up on a few already!

Over here in Aus, the codes seem to be different to what i have seen online

A04124ES - Purple Minion
A02124ES - Minion with Flask
A05124ES - Minion Disguised as Purple Minion
A01124ES - Minion with Camera
A10124ES - Minion with Banana
A13124ES - Minion with Ice Cream Cone


Series 3
Cro Minion with Club – A01045ES, A13045
ULTRA RARE MINION- Napoleon Soldier Minion with Sword – A02045ES, A14045
Dracula Minion with Cup – A03045ES, A15045
Cro Minion (one eye) with Torch – A07045ES, A16045
Minion with Guitar – A08045ES, A17045
Clown Minion in Dark Jacket – A24035ES, A03045
Pirate Minion with Sword – A25035ES, A06045
Beach Minion (one eye) with Crab and Shells – A26035ES, A07045
Egyptian Minion (one eye) with Cup on Head – A27035ES, A08045
Beach Minion with Banana – A28035ES, A09045
Minion with Orlando Sign – A30035ES, A10045
MYSTERY MINION- Bob with Teddy Bear – A31035ES, A11045

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