Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sharky's Toy Reveiws - Movie Big Daddy

Who's Ya Daddy

Series: Movie Line
Size: Deluxe
Release: April-May In Australia
Price: AU$26.95

Initially this guy was to be a Walmart Store Exclusive in the USA. but since i dint live in the US and there is no Walmart's over here, Big Daddy along with the other three in the Excl. Wave found themselves on Target shelves recently.

Now those that know me, know I'm not a huge fan of repaints, and although my collection may be littered with them, i do buy the odd few. As most that will read this or care about this know Big Daddy is not a new Mould, he is a repaint of Cybertron Downshift. This is my reason for picking it up, i liked the Cybertron Version of this mould, it was an easy Transformation for a Deluxe Sized Vehicle but it was all round just a nice figure.

Big Daddy the name is also not original it was plucked from the 1990 Micromaster Member of the Hot Rod Patrol, so in simple terms

G1 MM Name & Colours + Cybertron Downshift = Movie Big Daddy. A Homage.

I love a homage just as much as any other Collector from the 80's and what the managed to do was make a pretty good figure a better looking figure. Now It definitely was not the name that made me get this figure, its simply was the fact i like the mould and the black and orange flames on the car looked 100 times better then the green Cybertron version. Not only that coming from the cybertron line the Cyber Key Gimmick that was the Cyberron line is very well hidden in this Mould, so it doesn't interfere with anything on the figure in vehicle or Robot mode.. its nicely hidden away. and lets not forget his head still looks like Wheeljack

The Figure itself has limited articulation compared to some of the movie toys, No waist Movement a slight head turn, Good shoulder and Knee Movement. The Cyber Key Gimmick does still work, and the Missile launchers are Shoulder mounted or Hand Held. So My Reasoning to Get This Figure was Pure Aesthetics.. i just liked the way it looked. Big Daddy does also look a little out of place compared to the rest of the Movie Bots, he doesn't have that fake detail design most had to show the complexity of the robot.

So if you can't tell already i Liked this Figure Not only for the homage but for how good it looks. Most definitely worth adding to a collection.


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  1. Big Daddy looks awesome!

    I wouldn't mind getting him, but he hasn't shown up in our Walmart :(