Friday, June 27, 2008

Spotlight: Marvel Superhero Squad

An Army of Cute Thingies.....

As mentioned somewhere around here, Transformers is perhaps my Core Collecting Obsession, but there are other items held within these walls, most notably from the Comic world, and then that is definitely a one sided affair, being a Marvel reader and all.

Marvel's Superhero Squad is one of those things that appeals to me in all its cuteness and quirkiness. These were basically a spin of of Hasbro's other cutey line of Star wars Figures Galactic Heroes (other lines such as Transformers: Robot Heroes and Indiana Jones: Adventure Heroes has since spawned)

The marvel guys have even got themselves a little club house to keep them safe from the super cute sentinel and world devouring Galactus.. although would take much to fill up Galactus. These guys have been broken up into the various movies that have been Released, Spider-man, Iron Man, Hulk But there is also a good selection of the rest of the Marvel U. Avengers, Xmen Fantastic 4 and there is more (lots more) to still come out in stores.

How Super is your squad??? Mine is currently 82 strong.

Click for a bigger pic!

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