Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spotlight: Transformer Collection - Worlds Smallest

Mini Me Transformers

2003 was a big year for trading figures to come out of Japan, and The Worlds Smallest Transformers was the next to hit the market. Once Again these were Blind Packed Trading Figures, 3 series well technically 2.5 in total with an assortment of basic or common figures and the chase figures.. and just like the myclones i am missing a few of those pesky chase figure..

Wave 1: Convoy, Convoy Trailer (chase), Lambor, Starscream, Bumble, Soundwave, Red bumble (chase) & Skywarp (chase)

Wave 2: Anime Convoy, Megatron, Meister, Prowl, Alert, Thrust, Ultra Magnus (chase) & Streak (chase)

Wave 2.5: (Store Excl.): Anime Convoy, Anime Convoy Trailer (chase), Hot Rodimus, Meister, Soundwave, Starscream, Megatron, Thundercracker (chase)

As you see wave 2.5 was mostly repacks of already released figures so i never doubled up on them, the two chase figures and Hot Rodimus were the only new additions. however the chase figures are still elusive.

And before you wonder, no i didn't reuses the case to take the class photo i do have a couple of those for various displays.

Bodycount: 13 Worlds Smallest Transformers

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