Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acquisition - G2 - 1993 - Bumblebee

Who: Generation 2 Minibot Bumblebee
Where: Parramatta Collectables Fair
When: 19 February 2012
How Much: $8.00

On every 3 or so months the "Parra Fair" can sometimes turn up some good Finds (like Windsweeper Previously) this time it was the shiney Gold G2 Bumblebee (have had a very G2 couple of days)

The Gold is in good condition and the bumblebee has always been a great little toy it was an impulse buy but and easy buy. it also didnt help that i have no idea if i actually have it already or not. with everything in storage it is getting difficult to remeber when i go to those little swap meet things

And incase you dont know what side bumblebee is on he has it tattooed onto his underside!!


  1. You know, I can still remember when the G2 Minibots were still on pegs at my local Coles; Bumblebee is a superb little mold and that chrome yellow is so unique but whatever you do dude, handle with care! - That chrome chips off even easier than that of BW TMs & TM2s! :O

    Congrats on picking him up though dude, indeed the Fair can turn up a Gem every now and then for sure. ;)

  2. His chrome seems to be alot more "sturdy" then that of Beast Wars.... so i dont think i will have to worry about it chipping... maybe it will loose some of is "luster"