Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acquisition - G1 - 1988 - Grand Slam

Who: Grand Slam

Where: eBay
When: 22 September 2011
How Much: $25.00

eBay is a wonderful place, I happened across this little lot that included Grand Slam and he looked like he was in pretty good condition, not to mention he had his weapons which my current Grand Slam was lacking in.

The Weapons are still a nice Chrome

The Only Noticeable wear on the figure is the chrome on the chest (above and a white dot on the Rub Sign (Below)

Slamdance Mode

Combined with Raindance

This new pick up is an awesome replacement to the grandslam currently in my collection
Tech Specs and Box Art with Thanks to Botchthecrab


  1. Hi there. I was looking for some robot mod epics that actually had the weapons orientated correctly. Your stuff is for now the only one I've found to have the large gun angled over the shoulder like the boxart (and like what I had myself). I do see you mistransformed grandslam in tank mode though ;)

  2. Congrats on getting Grandslam. I like this little guy, small, but intricate with good play value and has more accessories than any other casette (ie more than 2 pcs of accessories).