Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 NRL Elite

Earlier in August esp released its 3rd NRL product for the year. The "Premium" Series of trading cards and it came with a hefty price tag too ($9 at retail...ouch)

so like most years I picked up a box.. and was lucky enough to hit one of the Mojo Ruby Parallel Packs for the Eels, which became Trade bait for my Sharks. and since the product is so pricey this year I only chasing down all the Cronulla Cards. Here is a peak of what is in my collection!!

Base Cards, Parallel - Silver, Parallel Special - Gold

Parallel Limited Edition - Ruby (Mojo)
# 040 / 40

Elite Pennants

Club Champions

Young Guns

Young Guns Signature 

Elite Quads

Case Card

And That Wraps up all the Sharks Cards for 2015 Elite, Probably the quickest i have ever managed to chase down all the sharks cards from a release not to bad if i say so myself!! 

And Lastly I would have had zero chance of Acquiring the Sharks Mojo Ruby Parallel if it wasn't for the Hit I got in my Box from Diggaz Trading Cards , The Eels Ruby Parallel (Mojo) #39/40. This has since moved to a new home and a Parra Fan, and i thought i would show it off !!

Hope you Enjoyed!

All Images are Scanned from my own Personal Collection

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