Friday, June 16, 2017

Despiable Me 3 Micro Action Figures Series 10

Micro Action Figures Series 10

I dropped by my local ZING store and on the counter was a fresh box of the MegaContrux (MegaBlox) Buildable Minions Blind bags so over the course of a few days i grabbed a few (OK all of them)

this was exciting as we have not had many waves out here since series 5

The best thing about these are the codes on the back of the packs, it saves on double ups 

below is my collection of Series 10


shhhhh I am a secret!!

below these are the codes for the packets that have surfaced in Australia if anyone wants to know

Luau Minion with Ice cream - A03037ES
Prisoner Minion with Rotten Banana - A11037ES
Minion with Swiss Cheese  - A04037ES
Minion with Gouda Cheese - A02037ES
Prisoner Minion with Sign - A08037ES
Prisoner Minion with Shovel - A10037ES
Tourist Minion - A13037ES
Luau Minion with coconut - A01037ES
Protesting Minion - A07037ES
Minion with Cheese Balloon - A06037ES
Fluffy Unicorn (Rare) - A14037ES
Boss Man Mel (Secret) - A09037ES


  1. Codes for the US packets:

    Protesting Minion with no Gru sign - A02116ES, A12116ES, ?, 187706ES
    Luau Minion with coconut - A07116ES, 186701ES, 216701ES
    Minion with Gouda Cheese (red rind) - A008116ES, 186702ES, 217702ES
    Luau Minion with Ice cream - A09116ES, 187703ES, ?
    Minion with Swiss Cheese - A10116ES, ?, 219704ES
    Minion with Cheese Balloon - A1116ES, 187705ES, ?
    Prisoner Minion with Inmate Number - A14116ES, ?, ?
    Boss Man Mel (I Heart Gru Hat) SECRET - A15116ES, ?, ?
    Prisoner Minion with Shovel - A16116ES, 188709ES, ?
    Prisoner Minion with Banana - A17116ES, 188710ES, ?
    Tourist Minion with Hat - A18116ES, 188711ES, ?
    Fluffy Unicorn (Rare) - A19116ES, ?, ?

    If anyone could fill in the rest of the numbers in the series, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I found the Fluffy Unicorn (United states) code number 156712ES

  2. Luau Minion with Ice cream - A22037ES
    Minion with Swiss Cheese - A23037ES
    Prisoner Minion with Sign - A27037ES
    Prisoner Minion with Shovel - A29037ES
    Tourist Minion - A31037ES
    Luau Minion with coconut - A20037ES
    Protesting Minion - A25037ES
    Minion with Cheese Balloon - A24037ES

  3. Found all but Fluffy unicorn. Still looking for it. All series 10. All at one time same store. Good find.