Friday, February 24, 2012

Something EGG-cellent....Maybe

I was at the Chemist yesterday when up at the counter they had some Transformer: DOTM related merch for sale.. not sure if these are easter related or just standard packaging!! It is also the only place i have seen these for sale (I checked woolies, coles franklins etc)

These were $1.95 each and what is inside is a mystery!!

Each egg comes with a DOTM Figure a Sticker a bag of Jelly Beans (8 or 9 and they are not to bad but not the best JB i have had) and the little piece of paper that acts as a checklist

All Up there is 12 figures/Stickers to Collect
3 Bumblebee
3 Optimus Prime
2 Megatron
2 Sentinel Prime
2 Shockwave

the detail on the figures is pretty good for the size (at least these are not bronze or pewter coloured) they sit around the 4-6 cm mark depending on the pose

Really not bad for $1.95

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  1. Nice... I like the look of them, but sounds like they are going to be harder to find than the vending machine figurines which were everywhere. These are the same price, but better contents.