Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Transformers - G1 - 1985

Series 2: 1985
Time to show of some more of the Main Collection,
just like the first year this lot is also riddled with multiple figures. something that is a little more costly due to the size of some of the figures in this series.

The year of the dinobots.. those 5 toys were just awesome. my favourite of the year sludge was the first i ever got... he was also the first transformer i ever broke... but he was fixed.. and replaced...

Jetfire was another awesome toy of my childhood, probably because he was the first "large" toy i got.

Inferno, Jetfire, Cosmos, Red Alert, Blaster, Seaspray, Warpath, Powerglide, Grapple, Smokescreen, Omega Supreme, Tracks and Topspin

More Autobots.. From Omega, Roadbuster, Whirl, Perceptor, Hoist, Skids, Top Spin ,Twin Twist Camshaft, Override Drill Dasher another Roadbuster and Swoop

Me Grimlock Badass!! well so he think.. Grimlock, Swoop, Sludge, Snarl, Slag and we finally get to the bad guys for this series Triplechangers Astrotrain and Blitzwing, Insecticons: Bombshell Shrapnel and kickback, The Combined form of the Constructicons Devestator, Barrage a "Deluxe Insecticon" and a lonely Scrapper.

And Finally the remaining D'cons, More Deluxe Insects Chopshop Venom Ransack, Seekers Ramjet Thrust and Dirge and logic dictates the remaining one is Shockwave (the purpley one eyed one up the back)

Here is some of the packaging for bots, sludge and topspin still being sealed in all the 1985 freshness.. although top spin doesn't look like he has fared that well..

So that is that for the second year of "Generation 1" 64 odd figures there.


  1. Hazaa! - The year of my birth... :P

    This is clearly the year where Transformers really entered the stratosphere IMO, I'm missing plenty here but my own stand-out favourites (That I actually have :P) are:

    - The Constructicons/Devastator
    - Omega Supreme
    - The Insecticons/Kickback, Bombshell & Shrapnel
    - Blitzwing!

    As the 1st combiners, the Constructicons had such a unique look and concept that just resonated so well but also their characterisation in the cartoon was excellent. :)

    Omega Supreme I find to be just an absolutely fun toy on so many levels, you get to de/construct him from Robot to Rocket with Launch-pad and Defence Tank, He had electronic lights and the ability to walk or run round a track - plus he's Big!

    The Insecticons were SO well characterised in the cartoon with their odd & unique personality quirks, abilities and synthesised voices. Their figures were also really cool especially Kickback who is my all-time fave Insecticon! :D

    What's scarier than a Panzer Tank? - One that can turn into a jet and can fly that's what! :D
    This figure is just cool and whilst his modes suffer due to themselves, it is a really interesting design & engineering concept that should really be re-explored IMO.
    His characterisation in the cartoon really could've benefited from his Animated treatment IMO, that show took him from a cool concept to a massive stand-out character! :)

    This year's cars I suffer the same issue with the reissues, but to a lesser extent thankfully but the Minibots are something I'm not too fazed about though.

    The Dinobots, man - Was there anything cooler?
    Interestingly, Sludge was my 1st Dinobot also as a kid although I gave him away rather stupidly the same year I got him and regretted until I was able to adopt the childhood figure of another member of OTCA, I've since repaired his often busted Thigh/Knee section and although he is a little loose at least he's safe and no longer broken. :)

    Really glad to see an update dude, looking forward to the next. ;)

  2. haha wow now i feel old. i was 8 in '85

    i really do like the first few years of these toys..i guess growing up the cartoon gave them more meaning but i think as far as concepts and lack of "gimmicks" (or was it the fact that just because they transformed was gimmick enough) made the early years of the Gen 1 stuff stand out more....

    Not sure what series i will update next :p

  3. You old bugger! :P

    I agree with you on the earlier year figures, they just hold a different meaning and feeling somehow.... :)

    Whilst I grew up with the G1 re-runs, just prior to the G2 Cybernetic Space-Abortion :P, I too was purely fascinated by the only gimmick I cared about - The fact they went from being a Vehicle, to being a Robot and back! :O

    It was much later that I learnt about Target, Head & Powermasters but by this time I was already to enthralled with the awesomeness that was Transformers itself!
    Then this CG animated show started up about Beasts that turned into Robots... :D

    What ever series you decide to do next man will be eagerly anticipated by me, don't you worry. ;)