Thursday, July 14, 2011

Transformers - Animated

2008 - 2010

In 2008 a new style of animation came from the transformers world... and with that they were able to capture that style into toy form, out of all the modern day toys, this is my favorite line i just like the simple look of the characters and the toys just have a great feel to them

So behold the glory that is my Transformer Animated Collection!!

A temporary Set up for the figures as they do not have a set place do be displayed...Yet!

These are some Activators i have not gotten around to opening yet.
- Armor Up Optimus
- Fireblast Grimlock
- Soundwave

Activators, Legends and Autobots

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With the awesomness that is LUGNUT!!

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Some of the harder to find US release Deleuxes and Supreme Roll out Command OP

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and a Slightly Empty Shelf with what is left..

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BOTCON 2011 featured a bunch of animated fiigures this year with their take on the Stunticons.. also in this pick is a BOTCON Autotrooper and TFCC Cheetor  

Collection Notes:
Figure Count: 73
- Activator Patrol Bumblebee
- Activator Bandit Lockdown
- Activator Battlefield Bumblebee
- Takara Blackout
- Takara Wingblade Prime
- Takara Hydrodive Bumblebee

Not Shown:
- Takara Hot Rodimus
- Takara EZ Collection Gold Optimus Prime
- Takara EZ Collection Elite Guard Optimus Prime
- Deluxe Elite Guard Bumblebee

- Exclusive Rescue Ratchet
- Botcon Fisitron
- Botcon Sideswipe


  1. Well, whilst I'm not that big of a fan of the Design style of Animated - I did enjoy it's narrative and when all the figures are displayed like that they certainly do look quite cool. :)

    I only own 3 Animated figures myself, 1 who is my favourite character (Gee, I wonder who that is? :P) and the 2 modern interpretations of 2 Predacon Members of the Beast Wars Cast! :D

    What are your thoughts on Animated Blackarachnia and Waspinator dude?

    I've really got to try and get a hold of the Takara Release of 'Soundblaster' but also Activators Soundwave, never enough Soundwave IMO :P

  2. I Actually Liked Waspy, they are both good figures... its a little disapointing they didnt do more "beast" styled figures, they stand out easily amongst the other decepticons just by the "slimmer" styling of the figures...

    The Soundwaves are will need to find a "Soundblaster" or Electrostatic Soundwave just for Ratbat!!!!

  3. Actually, now that you mention it they really do stand out amongst the rest of the pack with their rather more slender proportions - I like that as a defining trait actually, that's cool! :D

    Definitely for Ratbat that's for sure ;), I really like how they conceptualised Soundwave's minions as Musical Instruments - A Rumble Bass Guitar and Frenzy Drum-kit would've set it right off IMO! ;D