Sunday, July 24, 2011

Transformers - G1 - 1986

 Series 3: 1986
You have the Touch....You have the Power

The Third Series to hit Toy Shelves came with a Movie on the Big Screen where we saw the Death of Optimus the Rise of Rodimus and Megatron had a change of body...(and name)

Joining the "Movie Cast" this year we saw a step up in the gestallts with the introduction of 5 new teams to the war.

Defensor was the first gestalt i ever completed (and only gestalt i completed growing up) so this guy is one of my favorites, But in recent years Predaking has had the limelight with a couple of Re-Issues including the "Gold" 2010 edition (not realy gold but the yellow parts on the original were cast a gold colour) 3 Predakings Grace my Collection taking the title of the most of one gestalt i own..... Also transformers were getting bigger with the likes of the city bots metroplex and trypticon!! So behold my year three Tf's!!!

Class of 1986
Lots of Autobots
Joining Defensor are the Aerialbots, the Autobot City Metroplex, Sky-Lynx, "Triplechangers" Springer Broadside and Sandstorm, "Autobot Cars" Hot Rod, Kup and Blurr and "Heroes" Rodimus Prime and Werck-Garr

A couple of Magnii and Autobot Minibots


A Whole Bunch of Predacons, Trypticon and the rest of the 'cons

Boxed Beauties

Kup, Metroplex, Octane (D-72 version) Cyclonus and Galvatron..i wuld like to add a MIB/MISB Scourge to that collection oneday, over 70 transformers in my collection this year


  1. Ah yes, certainly a grand year for Transformers - No doubt at the height of their popularity... in the 80s. ;)

    So many awesome figures throughout this year, the City-bots and the Gestalts tending to be a major focus for me as Metroplex and Predaking are too of the coolest figures for sure. ;)

    I'd really like to get my hands on a Trypticon as he was an awesome character in the cartoon, I never saw him as a T-Rex though - More so something akin to Godzilla, what's your take dude?

    I was never a big fan of the Protectobots in the cartoon, though my thoughts of Defensor's figure is quite the opposite as he has this cool stockiness to him but also the fact that he dual-wields weapons! - So, so sweet! :D

    Your boxed items are also very stunning man, I remember the day I finally piece-mealed my own Galvatron to completion and tested his electronics out - Probably one of the most annoying sound effects in the world but it was just so cool to have this 20+ y/o toy still work after so many years. :)
    (A real pitty Rodimus Prime was SO puny compared :()

    Yet another great update dude, on to the next one! :)

  2. Hey there! I see your collection pics are coming along nicely. I like the way you are grouping it by years, very nice!