Sunday, June 3, 2012

Generations Kup Upgraded - Again

Remember this guy from a  previous post?

Thats Right Classics Seargent Kup with iGears Head Upgrade.. well recently i aquired another iGear "Upgrade" for Kup.

W-01 Upgrade Kit

whilst nothing super spectacular inside there are weapons based off what the characters have used in the IDW Comics

1 Sniper rifle for Perceptor
2 Pistols for Perceptor
2 Pistols Kup

so a couple of comic like weapons added to the figure and the old timer is starting to look like he almost stepped out of the comic.

Whilst there is nothing about these weapons that would make me say OMG you have to get them, if you come across them for a reasonable price they are worth picking up...

what else can we do to pimp out kup???

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