Monday, June 18, 2012

Kup And His Upgrades

Good Ol' Generations Kup is ready for another fancy upgrade, this is most likely the last time Kup will be Upgraded , This is the third Addition to Generations Kup,

First up was the iGear Head Replacement
Secondly Was The Weapon Upgrade

This left Kup Looking like This:

So I finally managed to put and order in at Reprolabels and it arrived pretty speedily considering, this order included a sticker sheet for Generations Sergeant Kup, to add a little bit of character to the toy, either G1 toy inspired or Toon Inspired or Wrecker Inspired.....

I chose the G1 Style Lookmostly with some added battle damage around the chest and the results are not to bad at all!!

Wreck 'n' Rule
The Stickers add just that tiny bit of detail that brings back a bit of the G1 Nostalgia. i am Glad i picked up these stickers.

Reprolabels - Check em out :)

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