Sunday, August 21, 2011

Acquisition - G1 - 1987 - Grotesque

Who: Monstorbot Grotesque
Where: eBay
When: August 20th 2011
How Much: $85.00

Came across this guy on eBay and he looked like a pretty good replacemnt for the one I aready have in my collection (my first Grotesque was missing his wing accessories) with zero bids at the time, I put in a lowish bidin, I wasnt really worried if I was outbid... any way a few days later I find I actually won the auction. after a failed delivery attempt to my house on Friday, I picked up the parcel from the LPO on  Saturday 

This Version of Grotesque came with a "dual language" canadian box, the box itself is pretty banged up, heavy wear on pretty much all edges, and a bad flap crease across the back of the box. but it adds a little character to it. Interesting to note this figure was originally purchased from a shop called Toys&Wheels for $19.99 according to the price tag still attached to the box.


Dual Languafe Tech Specs

The Figure itself is in great condition, the "firebreathing" spark gimmick still works all the joints are tight!!

The stickers are in great shape mostley with the exception of the chest sticker (see Below) suffering the most wear on this 24 year old toy!!

Sticker Damage
 A Great Replacement Figure after an opportunistic find on eBay!

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  1. Another good acquisition at a good price! Great to see that all the white parts are white. Grotusque white parts do sometimes turn off white (but not exactly yellow) in strange ways.