Friday, August 12, 2011

Transformers - Power Core Combiners - 2010-2011

Between 2010 and 2011 a series of figures came out these were ultimatly a bunch of "basic" sized transformers that came with either drones (5packs) or a mini-con (2 packs) that could combine with the drones to form a larger toy, all up 22 figures were released in this little series

The Autobots were outnumbered this time around they only managed to assemble 4 combiner Teams:
  • Double Clutch with Rallybots,
  • Grimstone with Dinobots,
  • Stakeout with Protectobots and
  • Skyburst with Aerialbots
     Joining the Autobot Ranks were another additional 6 2 packs:

  • Searchlight with Backwind,
  • Salvage with Bomb-Burst,
  • Heavytread with Groundspike
  • Leadfoot with Pinpoint,
  • Steelshot with Beacon and
  •  Huffer with Caliburst


The Decepticons were blessed with 5 combiner teams:
  • Mudslinger with Destructicons,
  • Crankcase with Destrons,
  • Over-Run with Stunticons,
  • Bombshock with Combaticons and
  • Steamhammer with Constructicons

Joining the teams, there were an additional 7 decepticon 2 packs released:
  • Undertow with Waterlog
  • Icepick with Chainclaw
  • Sledge with Throttler
  • Skyhammer with Airlift
  • Darkstream with Razorbeam
  • Windburn with Darkray
  •  Smolder with Chopster

Collection Notes:
Figure Count: 24 (Series Complete)
Not Shown:

- Grimstone with Dinobots (2nd) 
- Steamhammer with Constructicons (2nd)

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