Sunday, August 14, 2011

Acquisition - G1 - 1988 - Windsweeper

Who: Triggercon Windsweeper
Where: Parramatta Collectables Fair
When: August 14th 2011
How Much: $2.00

This guy was a nifty little find, especially for the price. On one of the back tables at the parra fair amongst some broken bots was a Windsweeper, i picked it up had a look at it and he all seemed in working order, and unbroken, some wear was noticable so i asked how much, when the price came back at $2.00 it was an easy purchase (and my only purchase from the fair)

Back at home where i had more of a chance to have a play and closer look at Windsweeper, i noticed more minor scuffs on the stickers mostly with  the left "Knee" sticker and right "shoulder" stickers practically worn off on the figure and a "loose" pin on one of his chrome flip out weapons... The pin was an easy fix. there was also wear to the actual figure around the mid section aswell as rusty screws. (as you can see in the pictures below)

Aside from the "damage" to the figure, it has survived well for its age, and will serve as a good place holder in the collection untill i can find one in better condition, i guess one can not complain too much for a $2.00 Purchase

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  1. Nice one for $2, yum. Wind sweeper is perhaps the hardest of the Triggercons to find.