Wednesday, February 22, 2012

War Without End - G2 #1 Comic

What: Transformers Generation 2 #1 Newsstand Edition
Where: eBay
When: 17 February 2012
How Much: $5.99


A Small acquisition but a new (old) item to add to the inventory (if i actually kept an inventory). Way back in November of 1993 Marvel Published the First issue of Transformers Generation 2. I had always had the foil gate fold cover stored in my comic box with the rest of the original G2 Run so when i stumbled across the "original" cover i had to add it to the collection.

The Comic arrived in great condition No Spine creases or dog ears, the comic does have that old comic look with the comic paper used during the 90's

  Here it is with the rest of the Generation 2 Comics,
GI Joe - Snake Eyes #139 - #142
Transformers Generation 2 #1 - #12
#1 Cover Art
This was a great little find on eBay and it really didnt break the budget!!


  1. Ah I see, so that version doesn't have the lenticular crazy stuff going on does it? - It's different, but the same; sort of like looking at a painting through sunglasses and then taking them off...

    I like it dude, like I was mentioning on OTCA; I had that one and the one with Prime half gutted on the cover as a kid and I loved the artwork as a kid and have a slightly better appreciation for it now, especially after having read the entire US run of G1 Marvel comics! :P

    An awesome addition to the collection dude; it reminds me that I really need to get my hands on the last Hardback G2 Reprint TPB, so that I can finish the US story and begin reading the UK G1 comics! :D

  2. i really did enjoy the G@ run too.. like most of us we had grown up a little bit. so when the story kind of matured as well it was a nice touch!

    I would like to see IDW reprint this in one Hardcover edition.