Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acquisition - G1 - 1987 - Targetmaster Cyclonus

Who: Targetmaster Cyclonus with Nightstick
Where: OTCA Member canofwhoopass_87
When: 23 February 2012
How Much: $--.--

Targetmaster Cyclonus is one of those figures that are hard to come by  at the best of times, so when there was one up for offer, it was a must pick up for me. Missing from my collection and a target on my hit list for 2012 it is nice to get this guy out of the way early!!

The front of the Box is in wonderful condition, the back of the box has been repaired as the techs were cut out but it is hardley noticable.

For the most part Cyclonus is naked so i might need to look into getting some stickers for him down the track... and as you can see below the rubsign is somewhat destroyed apart from that  the figure is in great condition for his age.
Overall i am very happy with my recent pickups from canofwhoopass_87 thanks you for filling a few tricky holes in my collection!!

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