Friday, February 10, 2012

The Joys of Moving

The sad thing about moving home is all my collection is packed away in storage and until i get the new cabinets delivered they will be staying locked away and after seeing Heroic Decepticon's G1 it made me "miss" my own Early G1 so i dug them out of storage and moved them over into their future home... get them climatised (kind of like gold fish before releasing them into a new tank)

1984 - 1986

Some Boxed Stuff

Some Generations + Movie 1 Figures

Soon i will be able to get them all out on display.. I Hope....and i look forward to getting them on display behind glass just like they should be.


  1. Man those are some drool worthy photos Sharky, the figures are just begging to be displayed and I imagine your anticipation must be through the roof by now! :P

    Looking forward to seeing those eventual pics dude, but I will be patient however due to the 4th World Internet Connection you're being forced to utilise...

    Just think of all those stunning G1s behinds glass! :D

  2. hehe yeah Hursty i cant wait to get them behind glass, they will look great Not only will they be on display but i can actually see what i have!!