Monday, February 20, 2012

Generations - WFC

with the release of the images of the upcoming Fall of Cybertron Figures.. (i am liking the bruticus) i decided to break out the figures that were released under the generations line and take a few pics.. i forgot how fiddley Bumblebee/Cliffjumper was too!!

Rage Over Cybertron Toys R Us Excl.



Came With the Game.
this is one portion of the collection i am looking forward to adding too in the years... not sure if i will get the multiples still.. Although the idea of showing the Combaticons in Bruticus and Individual Robots and Vehicles would look great i think!!!


  1. I've never seen that Starscream before, wow!

  2. That was a "UK Exclusive" you received it when you pre-ordered or purchased the game from one of the UK stores.. it did pop up in Australian Gametraders stores aswell as the allmighty eBay where i picked those two up from!

  3. No two ways about it Steve, having the Combaticons displayed like that would be quite awesome indeed! :D

    I very much like your display dude and I think when the FoC figures come out it'll look even better, mind you it will be nice for a change to have more Decepticons in a line than Autobots... For however long that lasts. :P

  4. Hehe yeah and could be expensive.. i am undecided if i should actually keep one set sealed or bust them out of the packaing prisons and just have the robot standing behind the vehicle...

    the other side of the argument is do i actually nee two of each figure......

    (i do think atleast two will be required for the combaticons...)