Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acquisition - iGear - Kup-01 Replacement Heads

Who: iGear Kup Replacement Heads
Where: eBay
When: 27 February 2012
How Much?: $8.00

In the mail today arrived some Body parts..... iGear's Kup-01 Replacement Head for Generations Sergent Kup.....

The Heads are for this Guy

A Novel Design Feature about the packaging for the Replacement heads is that the box is the perfect size for Kup to carry as cargo.. after all in the heat of battle you don't want to lose your head.

 The Heads are designed after the IDW Kup Design which is a pretty good looking head for the old timer..one with his "Cy-Gar" and one without.. i have decided to put the cy-gar smoking head on Kup (remember smoking is hazardous to all transformers)

now the idea of replacing the head is a good one too as the original one given to Kup by his makers is not a pretty one that is for sure

Back it up...
Bit More and Unload...


Off with the Old.

And on with the new

Kup is now ready for some Wreckers Action!!

Whilst i am not a big fan of third party products or modifying figures i do like the newer head for Kup the existing head he had just did not look right(its like it came out of the mould wrong). a cheap modification that wont look out of place on the shelf.

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