Thursday, February 2, 2012

Acquisition - Boxed G1 Goodies

Who: Targetmaster Blurr, Punch/Counterpunch Quickswitch and Sunstreaker
Where: Private Sale
When: 27 January 2012
How Much: Around $99 each
A Nice Large Parcel was waiting for me at the post office with my first G1 purcahses of the year and another item of my "Hit List" acquired so lets have a closer look at my new goodies.
Targetmaster Blurr

Targetmaster Blurr was the last of  the 86 cars repackaged with nebulons that was missing from my collection (still require TM Cyclonus and Scourge to finish of the Targetmasters all together)

Growing up Blurr was one of my favorite cars mostly his look was so different from all the other cars (if you really can call Blurr a car) i had.

i was excited about the Targetmaster version arriving as these always seemed to be hard to obtain or really expensive when i had looked around for him. Whilst not part of the "Hit List" he is a welcome addition to the collection

Blurr and Haywire

Punch - Counterpunch
When i saw Punch/Counterpunch (PCP from now) and the price the seller wanted for him i thought that it was a nice bargain buy and i had always wanted a 2nd PCP to add to the collection one to display as Punch the other as Counterpunch so it really was a lucky find and  a good pick up with the rest of the lot.

the only downside is it looks like he never had his stickers applied and they are missing (he is in very good condition otherwise) i am undecided if i should purchase repro stickers for him or hunt down an original unused sticker sheet (what do you think??)

One thing i did think was odd wit PCP is the fact his box is ridiculously large compared to the size of the car. His box should of probably been in scale with Sunstreakers Box

Vehicle Mode

      Punch                               Counterpunch


This is the second Quickswitch i have picked up in the last 6 months, this one is in far better condition then the last one in my collection and came complete with his box and foam (and instruction booklet) it was more of an opportunistic buy rather then something i hunted down for.. it really is a nice upgrade!!

I still tend to think that Quickswitch was designed as a Headmaster with his head the same blocky look as the Larger Headmasters even with the flip down panel to hide the face

Below are the Many Alt mode of Quickswitch


Sunstreaker was one of the Items on my "Hit List" for 2012.. a List of Transformers i Have Targeted for purchase throughout the year. these are either replacements or small holes in my collection.

Sunstreaker was one of the few First year Autobots Cars i did not have doubles of (that's right the majority of 1984 Transformers i have doubles of.. after all it is my favorite year.!!)
So there was an opportunity when i discovered Targetmaster Blurr to pick up a pretty good example of Sunstreaker. I did my research and made sure it was not one of those dreaded knockoffs on the market and as soon as all the ticks were in the right boxes...Sunstreaker joined TM Blurr on the way to their new home.

So lets take a look

These four were all great additions to my collection and  reminded me how much i really love the G1 Transformers so much more then an of the recent movie related toys..

Box Art with Thanks to Botchthecrab

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