Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sharky's Reveiws - DST Cliffjumper Bust

Released April 2008
Sculpted By: Art Asylum

Finally a Cliffjumper that isn't just a Bumblebee Repaint. the Seventh (not including exclusives) Bust to come out of Diamond Select Toys branch of the world sees a character that doesn't get much 3D Love (apart from the before mention BBee repaints). Mr Jumper Carries That Honking Great Big Gun from the Cartoon.. you remember that ep when he lines up megatron in his sights and misses......


Standing at around 112mm Cliffjumper shares the same teletran-1 style base that Bumblebee had, even down to the "stats" of the VW Bug on the monitor on the rear. I really do like the size of the minibots (not to mention the price!) they are at least kept to some sort of scale especially comparing to Grimlock which seems to be the larger of the statues . And just like Bumblebee there is no assembly required he is a one piece Statue. The back of Cliffjumper even shares a similar design to bumblebee... but that is where the similarities end. the rest of him as all brand spanking new Cliffjumper. I would like to see DST do more minibots especially the first year guys, Brawn, Huffer Gears and Windcharger. with the Mini Bot size it would make a good mini collection.


Like all DST products you really need to be careful of Quality, the statue i managed to get has a small brush stroke of a different colour on his forearm where it looks like the painter missed, and then there is the common problem i think with all the DST Transformers Statues. The poor sculpting of the mouths. it just looks slightly odd.. but they are tiny negatives on a whole. I really like the fact that it really is a Cliffjumper body and Head to go along with the Red Paint job. Bonus Points for the Gun...


Monday, April 28, 2008