Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Acquisition - iGear - Kup-01 Replacement Heads

Who: iGear Kup Replacement Heads
Where: eBay
When: 27 February 2012
How Much?: $8.00

In the mail today arrived some Body parts..... iGear's Kup-01 Replacement Head for Generations Sergent Kup.....

The Heads are for this Guy

A Novel Design Feature about the packaging for the Replacement heads is that the box is the perfect size for Kup to carry as cargo.. after all in the heat of battle you don't want to lose your head.

 The Heads are designed after the IDW Kup Design which is a pretty good looking head for the old timer..one with his "Cy-Gar" and one without.. i have decided to put the cy-gar smoking head on Kup (remember smoking is hazardous to all transformers)

now the idea of replacing the head is a good one too as the original one given to Kup by his makers is not a pretty one that is for sure

Back it up...
Bit More and Unload...


Off with the Old.

And on with the new

Kup is now ready for some Wreckers Action!!

Whilst i am not a big fan of third party products or modifying figures i do like the newer head for Kup the existing head he had just did not look right(its like it came out of the mould wrong). a cheap modification that wont look out of place on the shelf.

Acquisition - G1 - 1987 - Targetmaster Cyclonus

Who: Targetmaster Cyclonus with Nightstick
Where: OTCA Member canofwhoopass_87
When: 23 February 2012
How Much: $--.--

Targetmaster Cyclonus is one of those figures that are hard to come by  at the best of times, so when there was one up for offer, it was a must pick up for me. Missing from my collection and a target on my hit list for 2012 it is nice to get this guy out of the way early!!

The front of the Box is in wonderful condition, the back of the box has been repaired as the techs were cut out but it is hardley noticable.

For the most part Cyclonus is naked so i might need to look into getting some stickers for him down the track... and as you can see below the rubsign is somewhat destroyed apart from that  the figure is in great condition for his age.
Overall i am very happy with my recent pickups from canofwhoopass_87 thanks you for filling a few tricky holes in my collection!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Acquisition - G1 - 1986 - Swerve

Who: Minibot Swerve
Where: OTCA Member canofwhoopass_87
When: 23 February 2012
How Much: $--.--

The only Reason i picked up lil ol swerve here is Simply for his Backing Card, which is in pretty good shape this replaces my tech scpe i have of this guy!!

a nice easy addition to the collection...

Box Art and Techspecs with thanks to Botchthecrab

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review - Transformers: DOTM Jelly Beans+Figurine+Sticker

Additionally to This Entry with some time on my hands and a visit via the chemist to pick up some more eggs i photographed  the eggs a little bit better. i will add more photos as i get (Maybe Get) more figures


Costing $1.95 and produced or distributed by a company called Park Avenue, The Blind Packaging is just a Silver Plastic egg with a label shrink wrapped around it, there is a perforated line that you need to pick n peel to remove the label/seal.


Once Opened the contents of the egg includes:
  • 1 x Sticker,
  • 1 x "Product Catalogue",
  • 1 x Figure and
  • 1 x Bag of Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans

The Little Bag contains either 8 or 9 Jelly Depending on how lucky you are, they are fruity flavored, they are not bad tasting at all (i like the orange or white coloured ones)

Product Catalogue

Two sides this product catalogue is printed in colour and is only about 100mm long by 52mm Wide

Side A Shows the Figures

Side B Shows the Stickers


According to the Catalogue there are 10 stickers shown, out of the eggs i have purchased there are 14 different stickers with me not having gotten 5 of the stickers shown on the Catalogue, There is no way to tell how many stickers there are as they seem to be random inserts with the figures.. Duplicate figures i have Purchased has resulted in different stickers. The Stickers Measure 50mm x 50mm or dia. 50mm


According to the catalogue there are 12 Figures so far experience this seems to be true as all purchase are on the "checklist" i would of liked to seem a bit more variety in the character selection rather then  3 primes and 3 bumblebees but lets face it those two are the popular characters when it comes to kids.. The painted details on the figures are not to bad considering the price points if anything some of the figures shape has become out of position (mostly legs) this is noticeable in some doubles as one is fine but others are not. Paint also differs between same figures with eyes the most affected (not painted properly on one.. perfect on another) the figures are around 45-50mm in Height with megatron reaching higher at 55mm.


Optimus Prime


Sentinel Prime




12 of 12 Figurines


For the price of these mystery style figures there is some value in it not only do your get jelly beans that taste pretty good there is a painted figurine and a sticker.. far greater value then the transformer ROTF Vending Machine figures that is for sure.. only thing wrong with these that i can see is availability as so far i have only found them for sale in 2 shops...Caltex service stations and a Chemist of all places....

I hope this provides a better look into one of the Many DOTM Merchandise Items on the market.
Close Ups