Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbye He-Man, Goodbye Skeletor

In 2002 He-man was re-imagined and along with a new cartoon came a new toyline, the toys were great, good sculpting and a close likness to the new toon, so like the collectorholic i was i picked them up, one by one and since they were slow getting a release out here in Australia, eBay become my friend. But one of the hardest things about collecting is space. Space to display the collection or space to store the collection when its not on display. So as one collection grows.. and continues to grow choices must be made. So i made a choice to pass on my collection to a good home where they will get the space to be showcased instead of stored in a tub until maybe some space would grow.

So this is it my Masters of the Universe collection where it will be remembered, so Goodbye He-man, Goodbye Skeletor may you bring hapiness to others!

Above is the action figures and playsets that made up the collection, 26 Figures, 3 "Vehicles" and 2 Playsets made up my collection.

Battle Armor He-Man, Samurai Battle Cat, Mehaneck , Battle Cat

Teela, Man-E-Faces, Ram Man, Roboto, Prince Adam, Sy-Klone, He-Man

He-Man, Stratos, Two Bad , Beastman, Skeletor

Orko Man-At-Arms, Buzz-Off

Tri-Klops, Evil Lyn, Whiplash, Merman

Merman, Snake Hunter Panthor, Snake Arm Skeletor, Trap Jaw, Kobra Khan, The General (rattlor), King Hissss

That Wraps up the Action Figure part of the collection stay tuned for the extra MOTU stuff including busts statues and other bits and pieces. ..... To Be Continued