Saturday, November 30, 2019

Transformers Trading Card Game - My Checklist

New Series and Updated List this post will serve as a checklist of what I am looking for to complete the set or boost my deck!

UPDATED: 29/01/2021

Transformers TCG Wave - Siege II - Checklist

Siege II is finally out, if you can find it in local Game stores..

For those that want to know here is the checklist for this series, (i wish WotC would produce a nice poster styled checklist that had the cards in order rather then the text based list on the games website)

Character Cards

CT T01 Captain Astrotrain
CT T02 Captain Impactor
RT T03 Captain Jetfire
UT T04 Deadlock
RT T05 Detritus
SRT T06 General Optimus Prime
CT T07 Lockdown
SRT T08 Lord Megatron
RT T09 Sergeant Six-Gun [Launcher]
RT T10 Sergeant Six-Gun [Cannon]
CT T11 Mudflap
SRT T12 Octone
RT T13 Omega Supreme (Base)
RT T14 Omega Supreme (Spaceship)
RT T15 Omega Supreme (Tank)
UT T16 Private Dazzlestrike
CT T17 Private Fixit
UT T18 Private Greenlight
CT T19 Private Highjump
RT T20 Private Hot Rod
CT T21 Private Powertrain
CT T22 Private Seawatch
CT T23 Private Sidetrack
CT T24 Private Smokescreen
CT T25 Private Sunrunner
UT T26 Private Turbo Board
UT T27 Private Vanguard
CT T28 Raider Apeface
CT T29 Raider Blackjack
UT T30 Raider Caliburst
CT T31 Raider Chop Shop
CT T32 Raider Hyperdrive
UT T33 Raider Kickback
UT T34 Raider Needler
CT T35 Raider Nightflight
CT T36 Raider Nova Storm
CT T37 Raider Ratbat
CT T38 Raider Rumble
UT T39 Raider Sights
UT T40 Raider Spinister
CT T41 Raider Tailwind
CT T42 Sergeant Barricade
UT T43 Sergeant Crosshairs
CT T44 Sergeant Mirage
SRT T45 Sergeant Soundblaster
CT T46 Sergeant Springer
RT T47 Sergeant Thundercracker
UT T48 Skytread (Plane)
UT T49 Skytread (Tank)
CT T50 Specialist Sandstorm
RT T51 Raider Brunt [Armor]
RT T52 Raider Brunt [Launcher]

SRT T01 Trypticon
RT T02 Brunt
RT T03 Full-Tilt
RT T04 Wipe-Out

Battle Cards

R 001 4-Wheel Drive
U 002 Acute Reflexes
U 003 Adaptive Plating
R 004 Backfire
R 005 Multi Missile Pod
U 006 Battlefield Incursion
U 007 Blast Suit
R 008 Composite Armor
U 009 Contract Contingency
R 010 Conversion Engine
R 011 Coup
C 012 Crowbar
R 013 Crude Club
R 014 Daring Escape
U 015 Decipher
R 016 Defensive Configuration
C 017 Designated Target
U 018 Dual Wield
U 019 Energy Transfer
U 020 Erratic Cannon
U 021 Even the Score
C 022 Fight for Position
C 023 Guarded Posture
C 024 Hazardous Shield
C 025 Head-On Collision
U 026 Heroic Resolve
C 027 Hidden Fortification
R 028 Hijack
U 029 Immersed in Shadow
U 030 Increased Durability
U 031 Indestructible Sword
R 032 Involuntary Promotion
R 033 Jam Signals
C 034 Kinetic Converter
C 035 Kinetic Intensifier Whip
R 036 Lucky Vest
C 037 Medic's Protective Field
C 038 Minor Medic Kit
U 039 New Orders
R 040 Opportune Offensive
R 041 Opportune Repairs
R 042 Overheat
R 043 Overwhelming Advantage
R 044 Pincer Movement
U 045 Plunder
R 046 Pocket Processor
U 047 Point Position
R 048 Relentless Invasion
C 049 Reprocess
U 050 Sabotaged Armaments
R 051 Shoulder Holster
C 052 Showing Off
C 053 Soldier's Blaster
C 054 Special Delivery
C 055  Stable Cover
R 056  Step Forward
U 057  Sturdy Javelin
U 058  Swerve
C 059  Terrifying Resilience
R 060  Toolbox
C 061  Unflinching Courage
R 062  Valuable Contract
C 063  War of Attrition
C 064  Wedge Formation

Here is something i would like to see officially made, maybe a bit more fancy tho.....

Friday, June 28, 2019

Transformers TCG Blaster vs Soundwave at SDCC

Announced this morning and scheduled to be Released at SDCC (but not exclusive too) is a new Transformers TCG set that presents the fan-favourite match-up of Blaster VS Soundwave with 80's box art and packaging. 

The Blaster VS Soundwave was created to help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Transformers and will contain 2 Large and 6 Small foil character cards, and two 40-card decks of battle cards and will retail for US$50. 

The character cards will be:

BLASTER // Communications
SOUNDWAVE // Communications
STEELJAW // Tracker
RAMHORN // Warrior
EJECT // Electronic Surveillance
RAVAGE // Saboteur
FRENZY // Warrior

stay tuned as more info on this lovely product is announced

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Answers to some Questions - Transformers Card Game

Thanks to those that have sent some questions through, I Have some answers that may (or may not) be helpful, Thanks to WotC for some of the responses

Monday, April 29, 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Rise of the Combiners - Full Checklist

I Received and email over the Easter break in regards to my Checklist asking if there was a published version of the checklist anywhere

The Rise of the Combiners page of Transformers dot Com has a list of cards featured in the release but these are broken up into columns based on rarity, i have compiled a checklist which gives you the The Rarity along with the card number and card name below,  hope this helps with building your own checklists/swap lists

Friday, April 19, 2019

Transformers Devastator Themed Deck

Again the very Awesome team at Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro provided me with a copy of the Transformers Trading Card Game Devastator Deck to preview i just have been so busy with human stuff that this is the first opportunity i have had to sit and smell the cardboard.

Just like the Rise of the Combiners Booster Packs this is not a paid advert and my opinions are my own, and i am thankful for WotC and Hasbro for this opportunity to review the new product.

so lets have a look inside the box


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Rise of the Combiners - 1 Pack Break

The Hunt goes on to complete my first actual Combiner. On my way home it was a quick swing by Gametraders to pick up a single pack with a pocket full of change.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Rise of the Combiners - 5 Pack Break

Ever Since The Awesome folks at Wizards of the Coast sent me Some Booster Packs to check Out i was a few cards short of a building anactual combiner for gameplay, so the Hunt must go on. in my walk home from work i dropped into Gametraders and picked up a few packs,

Did i complete a combiner??? Lets Find Out.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Lootcrate - February 2019 - Transformation

It had Been a while since i had "Subscribed" to Lootcrate but back on valentines day they had a half off sale with the months theme of

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rise of the Combiners - Trading Card Game

Last week i received a care package from the very awesome Wizards of the Coast Team,  inside? not road trip battleship but a number of Rise of the Combiners Booster for me to review.

Firstly I just want to express that this is not a paid advert and my opinions are my own, and i am thankful for WotC and Hasbro for this opportunity to review the new product. so lets have at it!!

Friday, March 8, 2019

A Promise?

I will admit i have not paid much attention to my blog the last couple of years, but you know life and all that, 

but i will try to post more ramblings about my stuff.. or is it show off, or brag???  lets go with share, 

and to start off, This weekend i will share some thoughts about something.