Monday, June 18, 2012

iGear MW-02 Rager

I stumbled across this guy for a pretty good price (cheap) on eBay and picked it up, it is a nice version of G1 Huffer in the current trend of Third Party Transformers

Rager Came Packaged in a nice little box and came with a Bio card made out of plastic. a nice touch i thought, also inclued are two hannd guns for the little guy.

Kup And His Upgrades

Good Ol' Generations Kup is ready for another fancy upgrade, this is most likely the last time Kup will be Upgraded , This is the third Addition to Generations Kup,

First up was the iGear Head Replacement
Secondly Was The Weapon Upgrade

This left Kup Looking like This:

So I finally managed to put and order in at Reprolabels and it arrived pretty speedily considering, this order included a sticker sheet for Generations Sergeant Kup, to add a little bit of character to the toy, either G1 toy inspired or Toon Inspired or Wrecker Inspired.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now That's Bluetiful

Okay so i borrowed the title from the Daily Telegraph, but it is very fitting for what i have to show off...

Recently i had the opportunity in a lunch break at work to add an item to my Sports Memoribilia collection. a Signed Ball by the NSW Blues Origin Team

I work In Sydney so when i saw the below add at Mid City i thought i would check it out in my lunch break

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Generations Kup Upgraded - Again

Remember this guy from a  previous post?

Thats Right Classics Seargent Kup with iGears Head Upgrade.. well recently i aquired another iGear "Upgrade" for Kup.

W-01 Upgrade Kit

whilst nothing super spectacular inside there are weapons based off what the characters have used in the IDW Comics

1 Sniper rifle for Perceptor
2 Pistols for Perceptor
2 Pistols Kup

so a couple of comic like weapons added to the figure and the old timer is starting to look like he almost stepped out of the comic.

Whilst there is nothing about these weapons that would make me say OMG you have to get them, if you come across them for a reasonable price they are worth picking up...

what else can we do to pimp out kup???