As outlined in the Goodbye He-Man, Goodbye Skeletor post, I "let go" my 20XX Masters of the Universe collection, they went to other collectors that had the room to show off these awesome figures rather then have them sit in a plastic tub maybe waiting for a day to go on display.

So this is it my Masters of the Universe collection where it will be remembered, so Goodbye He-man, Goodbye Skeletor may you bring hapiness to others!

Above is the action figures and playsets that made up the collection, 26 Figures, 3 "Vehicles" and 2 Playsets made up my collection.

Battle Armor He-Man, Samurai Battle Cat, Mehaneck , Battle Cat

Teela, Man-E-Faces, Ram Man, Roboto, Prince Adam, Sy-Klone, He-Man

He-Man, Stratos, Two Bad , Beastman, Skeletor


Man-At-Arms, Buzz-Off

Tri-Klops, Evil Lyn, Whiplash, Merman

Merman, Snake Hunter Panthor, Snake Arm Skeletor, Trap Jaw, Kobra Khan, The General (rattlor),
King Hissss

To Be Continued