Monday, July 25, 2011

Transformers - Beast Machines

After Beast Wars, in the year 2000 Beast Machines hit out TV Screens and Toy Shelves, last year (2010) I had a bit of a beastly bug and I Managed to track down the figures I was missing from this series and there were a few of them, most of which never saw a release in Australia.

So after a good effort on eBay not to mention a missing package containing a MISB Magmatron and then the seller going missing himself no to mention the help fellow transformer collectors I managed finished this series off (and for the most part rid my system of that beastly bug...for now)

Class of 2000 - 2001

Now i Must admit these guys were not the prettiest looking figures out there with a large amount of Translucent plastic used, alot of them feel fragile and some are just terible figures (Supreme Cheetor im looking at you!!)

I would really like to re-photograph this part of my collection.. i think i squased the figures in to much and you do not get to see them that well

 Blast Punch Optimus Primal is one of my favorites from this series, aside from being the most show acurate version he is a solid figure.

Nightscream is one figure that would of benefitted from actually being a smaller sized figure... the lasrge "Ultra" sized figure is just ugly and looks out of place

Magmatron is a neat figure combined, and was the hardest figure for me to obtain at a good price anyway

the beast riders i picked up for dirt cheap i think the most expensive one cost me $6.00 for a MOSC version...

52 Figures make up this completed series of toys


  1. Ooh... Now this is a series with some stark polarising IMO. ;)

    Beast Machines... You either love it or you hate it, the toys, the cartoon... For me it just wasn't my cup of tea because as an avid Beast WARS fan it felt like this series was trying to squeeze some lemon into my already satisfied cup. ;)
    (I think that sounds right :P)

    The show, well, as I didn't and have never had Pay TV the only way I could view this series, having just started High School too so my interest in toys had basically plummeted :|, was by downloading Canadian 'Real Video' files... That's right - Horribly poor Real Media videos that took almost a day to download as 56K Dial-up was all there was and after the 4th episode... The story just drove me up the wall, the stylised aesthetic to the look of the show and the rather horrible way I had to swallow it was enough for me to put a tombstone on this series - Mainly because WWF/E had really become a major interest at this point in time :P

    The toys, well, IMO the majority were absolute junk but their were some stand-outs like Blastcharge, who I really dug for his 2.5 modes of conversion, Blackarachnia, though she was more of an insect as the Beast mode only really had 6 legs and was a little small in mass I thought & Nightviper was an excellent figure for a basic that turned into a well convincing Cobra.

    I received a huge amount of these when I acquired a complete U.S. Beast Wars collection and sold the lot off after a year or so... Mainly as they were taking up room and I didn't really want them anyway but I am now regretting selling a couple of them as the 'Dinosaurs' were what I thought to be BM figures but as you'd expect, they were actually Beast Wars Neo figures and guess what I happen to be collecting now?... :(

    I love Magmatron and am a very happy customer of yours for that fact, his Bot mode is awesome for a 'Trio-con' and his separate Beast Modes are terrificly executed, his combined Beast mode though is rather crappy but because it's so incredibly Japanese I find myself loving it :P

    I share your feelings towards Nightscream dude, that figure was way too big and confusingly too as I never saw him as ever being a popular enough character to warrant a toy that size, forgiving the fact that his Transformation was simple but frustrating at the same time... Really did not like that figure. :(

    I tell you what man, I somewhat tempted to try and acquire me a Primal Prime, the colour scheme just looks too G1 and horrible but I find myself liking it for that reason and I love the mold - I think it's sort of akin to why so many like AM Thundercracker! :P

    As a question dude, does he retain all of the electronic gimmicks from Optimal Optimus?

    My fingers are crossed that another line of Beasts will be the next update... :D

  2. Primal Prime still functions i think they evem re tweaked some of the firing mmechanisms to function slightly differently then that of optimal optimus.... i do like his colour scheme. (apparently it is a hamge to G1 optimus....)

    there are some good figures, funnily enough some/most we didnt get in Aus like Strika and Hammerstrike even night slash cheetor but most of the early stuff was just bad.

    Might be some time before i do the Beast Wars figures.. the photos i have are so out of date that there are about 30+ figures not recorded on film....