Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Answers to some Questions - Transformers Card Game

Thanks to those that have sent some questions through, I Have some answers that may (or may not) be helpful, Thanks to WotC for some of the responses

WotC Responses in Red.
My Responses in Blue

  • The Upcoming Wave Three Promos (including posters) being previewed on Facebook by the Transformers Card Game Account, some collectors are curious if these will be easily available here (Australia) as they seem to be not getting much information from their local card stockists
This is still to be confirmed 
When Wizards of the Coast pass on the information about how we can get our hands on the promos i will let you all know, But i am Expecting it to be similar with Omega Supreme and the Purchase a Box get the promo incentive. 

  • Will there be some more transformers themed playmats available for purchase (the Devastator graphic would make a lovely playmat)
It's something we're investigating as we work more on our play experience. Stay tuned

And for those that didn't know, Ultra Pro have Released two playmats already Autobot and Decepticon, check with you local Card Store for availability.
And back in 2017 Magic the Gathering released an exclusive Grimlock Playmat ad Hascon but good luck finding one on the Secondary market (for Cheap)


  • One fellow collector asked if there is any chance of getting the promo pack featuring Slipstream/Cliffjumper from SDCC a couple of years back Reprinted or made available to Australian collectors.
Unlikely - reprints aren't something we're particularly focused on. 
  • How do you Store your cards?
I Store my Cards a couple of ways, currently i have my:

Battle cards in penny sleeves and 9 card pages, but my decks i play i have in Ultra Pro Pro-Matte coloured sleeves, two different colours for the two decks i have. 

Character cards are in oversized deck protector sleeves in 4 pocket pages until i can get a shipment of toploaders in then all character cards will be transplanted to the toploaders

Titans are sitting in one pocket pages in the binder with the other unused cards as there inst a lot on the market that is easily available to us for this size.

But look out for some posts detailing some storage and protection solutions coming soon

Again, i would like to thank Wizards of the Coast for their input and if you have questions keep them coming, and i will do my best to answer them (or get answers for them).

See you on the Battlefield.

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